I'm thrilled you're here.

I am Maria Ignacia, but you can call me Mari.

I’m a multi-passionate radiologist originally from Chile, South America.

So, what am I doing in the online business space, right?

Well..Although my profession brings me tremendous satisfaction, the nature of our field means working extensive hours and enduring exhausting night shifts that leave little to zero time to pursue and enjoy other things in life.

In my quest for a more flexible and balanced lifestyle, I decided to explore the realm of working from home within my own field as a radiologist.

I believed I had found the perfect arrangement – imagine the flexibility and control over my schedule!

However, what seemed like an ideal solution quickly revealed its limitations. While I could avoid commuting and enjoy the comforts of home, I found myself caught in a cycle of exchanging my time for money.

The never-ending demands of my profession pulled me away from the freedom I sought.

But I was determined! There had to be another way, right? There had to be!

So… I plunged into the vast realm of online business.

I eagerly immersed myself in numerous courses and programs, hoping to unlock the secrets to success. However, the fear of failure held me back.

This resulted in a trail of unfinished courses, not because they lacked effectiveness, but because I allowed my fears to overshadow my potential for growth.

Then I stumbled upon lots of captivating content surrounding the realm of affiliate marketing.

After grappling with self-doubt and the fear of failure, I made a pivotal decision to give myself one last chance—I had to.

So, with apprehension and hope, I decided to take a leap of faith and join a program that seemed welcoming and approachable.

Not only did I learn how to use unfamiliar tools and platforms that were once foreign to me, but I also delved into the foundations of marketing itself to built a sustainable business, which will serve me for life.

However, the most profound and impactful realization came from the work they guided me to do within myself (area which im also passionate about).

Instead of fixating solely on the outcome, I shifted my focus towards continuous learning and growth.

And believe its not a cliché, what your learn in the process, and in not giving up, gives you more than the outcome itself. The results come anyways …

Now I’m sharing my business journey, so please feel very wellcome to join me...